Who are Tent & Trail?

We are based in Hampshire, UK and after years of having a passion for the outdoors, traveling, camping and vehicles, we wanted to share our experiences to help others do the same. Our years of traveling and camping across the world in a Land Rover Defender have been the best research for finding the right equipment to use on the open road, dirt trail or sand dune!

Many mornings and nights were spent sitting around the campfire discussing what our likes and dislikes were about the camping equipment we use. And we are constantly researching and reading about the next thing we need to improve on our overland setup. Travelling while enjoying the outdoors in the UK or abroad, doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

A passion for the outdoors

Every weekend or holiday would be a chance to wander somewhere new or prepare for the next trip! We have spent 17 years using, breaking and repairing camping equipment. Consequently, this experience gave us the inspiration to manufacture great quality camping equipment. We have worked hard to bring our customers the best products at great value prices. 

Being on the early wave of buying a roof tent back in 2005, there weren’t many other roof top tent campers around. As a result, many people would always stop and talk to us in fascination about a tent on the roof of a car. Spreading the word about roof tents/overland equipment, going to shows and chatting with other like-minded people became our passion. That passion turned into a business idea and the rest as they say is history. 

The front of a Land Rover Defender on a sand dune with blue sky and fluffy white clouds.
hybrid roof top rent on a 4x4 Land Rover Defender with an awning attached in a field with long grass in the UK.


We are committed to designing, manufacturing, and supplying outdoor camping equipment that boasts the highest quality. Our products are built to withstand the ruggedness of the great outdoors. The process involved in designing our products, manufacturing and testing them is very tedious. Every weekend or holiday is a chance to use and abuse our products, we have tested and modified our products from these experiences.

We make no secret that our products are manufactured in China and we are proud of the working relationships we have built. Working with our manufacturers, we create new exciting features that solve problems or improve the camping experience for our customers.

Our mission is to bring our customers the best products at value prices to enable more people to join the community of travellers and roof top campers. This is achieved by streamlining ourselves as a business and prioritising customer value over making a profit.

The journey not the arrival matters.

– T.S. Eliot

Our inspiration

We have also taken inspiration from a number of sources over the years and we would like to share those with you:

4WD 24/7

Previously known as 4WD Action, a great Australian YouTube series primarily focused on the four wheel driving, camping, and overlanding lifestyle.
Shaun Whale, Graham Cahill and friends document amazing 4×4 trips around some of the most beautiful locations in Australia, giving tips, reviews and even receipts! Their videos are all available on YouTube for free and we would recommend sitting down for a watch.


Whether you have read their books or used their website, they have collected some of the best campsites in the world. Find and book amazing campsites that cater for all tents camping, or glamping it up in a treehouse, pod, yurt or safari tent. Coolcamping has the best places to discover and enjoy.
They have been around for 10 years or more finding and championing camping in the UK and beyond in Europe. We always carry one or two of their books in our vehicles to find a great campsite wherever we are.

First Overland

Two Land Rovers, 6 men on a trip from London to Singapore. This is an amazing read that will inspire you to find your adventure in life.
The journey was undertaken by six Oxford & Cambridge university students from London to Singapore. After setting off from Hyde Park in London, on 1st September 1955 and arriving on 6th March 1956, the journey took six months and six days, over 18,000 miles.

Dreaming of Jupiter

A trip of epic proportions in the 1970s around the world with author Ted and his wonderful Triumph motorcycle (Jupiter). The book documents his four-year journey around the world on his motorbike, leaving from the UK he travelled through Europe, Africa, South and North America, and Asia.
It’s still regarded as one of the greatest motorcycle books / one of the greatest travel books – ever written.

Ready to pick your roof tent?

Roof tents will fit any vehicle not just a 4×4.

Where do we wonder from?

TENT and TRAIL is based in Stockbridge, Hampshire, UK. This is a wonderful location and we love it for Monday to Friday. At the weekends, we can be found testing our premium quality overland equipment in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, East Sussex, Devon, Cornwall and all over the UK.

Travel enriches our life and this can be exploring your local countryside or your neighbouring countries. We have spent time driving the back roads rather than the motorways. This slower approach to travel/life can identify what’s important to you when on your adventure.

Get in touch.

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