Camping tips: Find the best campsite

How to choose a good campsite

Choosing the right campsite sets the tone for an extraordinary outdoor experience, especially when you have a car roof tent. With the UK’s stunning landscapes at your fingertips, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure you find the ideal spot for your roof tent camping adventure. In this guide, we’ll cover essential tips for selecting a campsite that perfectly suits your car roof tent camping needs. and we will also give you some good websites to visit for selecting that great campsite.

Top 10 tips: Picking a good campsite

1. Location, location, location!

When searching for a campsite for your car roof tent adventure in the UK, prioritise location. Consider the breathtaking scenery you crave, whether it’s coastal views, woodland retreats, or mountain hideaways. Checking the local attractions and activities can also be a vital decision factor as well. Use Google Maps to search the campsite’s local area for parks, museums, history buildings, pubs and restaurants. 

2. Vehicle accessibility

Accessibility is key for car roof tent camping. Choose campsites that are easily reachable by car and compatible with your roof tent setup. Whether you prefer remote spots requiring a 4×4 (like Coco’s Wild Camp) or accessible tarmac road sites, ensure they align with your vehicle’s capabilities.

3. Campsite facilities

Evaluate campsite facilities such as toilets, showers, water sources and waste/recycling options. Disability-friendly and accessible facilities are extremely important for some. Most larger campsites will offer laundries, Wi-Fi, free hot showers and washrooms. Whether you opt for basic amenities or prefer fully-equipped campsites, ensure they cater to your camping needs.

4. Pitching space

Look for campsites offering ample space for pitching your car roof tent. Ensure the site is free from overhead obstructions and provides a level ground for parking your vehicle. Some campsites can have quite restrictive pitches, especially popular in areas.

5. Terrain and ground conditions

Consider the terrain and ground conditions when selecting a campsite. Opt for level ground to avoid a bad night of sleep and steer clear of areas prone to flooding or muddy terrain. A helpful tip is to take a set of levelling ramps with you in case you need to level out your vehicle.

A group sat around a fire camping with vehicles and roof tents in the UK.
Man and woman sitting, chatting in camping chairs with a unlit fire in front of them in the UK.

6. Privacy and serenity

Seek out secluded campsites that offer privacy and tranquillity for your car roof tent adventure. Choose sites with sufficient distance from busy roads or railways to minimise noise disturbance and enhance relaxation.

7. Safety considerations

Prioritise safety by selecting campsites free from hazards such as falling rocks or flash floods. The weather forecast can be an important factor, if there’s a storm, falling branches or flooding can be a real threat. Be aware of local wildlife and adhere to safety guidelines to ensure a secure car camping experience.

8. Local regulations and restrictions

Familiarise yourself with local regulations governing camping in that area of the UK. Stay informed about rules regarding campfires, wild camping, and overnight parking to ensure compliance during your roof tent adventure.

9. Campsite rules

Check the campsite’s website for campsite rules to make sure you’re not going to get a nasty surprise during your stay. Some campsites don’t allow dogs, music, single-sex groups or campfires which depending on your preference can be very important to know before booking a campsite.

10. Reviews and recommendations

Seek insights from fellow car campers and online reviews when selecting a campsite. Their experiences and recommendations can provide valuable guidance for finding the perfect spot for your roof tent adventure in the UK.

Where to find a good campsite

Once you have decided what you would like from your stay, you can search for campsites that match your requirements. You can filter for the facilities, locations and factors you want and then browse through the campsites until you find one you like.

Popular campsite websites:


Check out the campsite’s website and Google Maps listing, where you can see photos of the camping ground and get a feel for what the place is like and what to expect.

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Selecting the right campsite for your car roof tent adventure in the UK is essential for a memorable outdoor experience. By considering factors such as location, accessibility, facilities, terrain, privacy, safety, rules, weather forecasts, and reviews, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable car roof tent camping getaway. Happy exploring!

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