Can I get roof tent insurance?

Insurance options for UK roof tent camping

Roof tents, also known as roof top tents, have become a favourite among UK outdoor enthusiasts and they are not cheap. However, accidents can happen when you least expect it. So ensuring your roof tent is protected with adequate insurance is a smart move to guarantee a worry-free adventure. In this article, we delve into the importance of insuring your roof tent in the UK. We explore the present options to help you secure your roof tent, car tent, awning and all your camping gear.

The significance of insurance

  1. Safeguarding Your Investment: Roof tents often represent a substantial financial investment. Insuring your roof tent offers financial protection in case of damage, theft, or loss, ensuring you can continue your outdoor pursuits without financial setbacks.

  2. Peace of Mind: When you’re out in nature, knowing your roof tent is covered provides peace of mind. Unforeseen incidents can happen, and having insurance in place can alleviate the stress of unexpected situations.

  3. Coverage Beyond Standard Policies: While some standard homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies may cover personal property, they might not offer sufficient coverage for roof tents used in outdoor environments. Roof tent insurance policies are tailored to address these unique needs.

Grass with roof tent on a car in the background in the UK.

Insurance choices for your roof tent

Specialised roof tent insurance:
  • Specialised insurance policies are crafted to meet the distinct requirements of roof tent owners.
  • Typically covering theft, damage, vandalism, and loss during camping expeditions, these policies provide comprehensive protection.
  • Look for UK insurers specialising in outdoor equipment coverage, including roof tents and car tents.
  • Try these insurers: Sheild Total Insurance and Club Care Insurance (The Camping and Caravanning Club insurance partner).
Extension of homeowners’ insurance:
  • Inquire with your current homeowners’ or renters’ insurance provider about coverage extensions for outdoor equipment.
  • Confirm that the extension includes coverage for roof tents and other camping gear used in the UK and beyond.
Dedicated outdoor adventure insurance:
  • Some UK insurers offer adventure or outdoor equipment insurance, encompassing roof tents and camping gear.
  • These policies cater to individuals who frequently engage in outdoor pursuits.
Comprehensive vehicle insurance:
  • If your roof tent is mounted on your vehicle, consider comprehensive vehicle insurance that covers accessories and personal belongings.
  • Check if roof tents are included in the coverage under your UK vehicle insurance policy.
Rental coverage:
  • For those who occasionally rent roof tents, investigate insurance options provided by rental companies, which can offer protection during your rental period.

Key considerations when selecting insurance

  1. Coverage limits: Ensure the insurance policy adequately covers the total value of your roof tent and camping gear. Review any coverage limits or deductibles.

  2. Outdoor use: Verify that the insurance policy explicitly covers outdoor use, as some policies may not apply when equipment is used outside your UK residence.

  3. Coverage territories: Understand the geographic areas covered by the policy, especially if you plan to travel extensively within the UK or abroad.

  4. Claims process: Familiarise yourself with the claims procedure and the necessary documentation in the event of loss or damage.


Securing insurance for your roof tent in the UK is a wise step to protecting your investment and enjoying your outdoor adventures with peace of mind. Whether you opt for specialised roof tent insurance, extend your existing insurance policy, or explore adventure-specific coverage, select a policy that aligns with your camping needs and offers comprehensive protection for your roof tent and outdoor equipment. With the right insurance in place, you can embark on your camping journeys across the UK, assured that you’re covered for any unexpected situations that may arise during your roof tent camping adventures.

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  1. I have a Nissan Navara 4×4 which has a flat bed, on the flat bed is a removable camping canopy (Australian style) with a roof top tent, awning, cooker fridge solar panels etc.
    Can you suggest any insurance providers that will cover the UK, Europe and a trip to morocco?

    Many thanks!

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