New Reseller Partnership – Outdoor Roadie

Tent & Trail products now available at Outdoor Roadie

We are very happy to announce that all Tent & Trail products will now be available to buy at Outdoor Roadie. Outdoor Roadie understands the importance of providing top-quality equipment to enhance camping experiences. They offer a range of well-known brands that are committed to craftsmanship and excellence.

The partnership with Outdoor Roadie means that our range of overland camping equipment products is available at their online shop. At Outdoor Roadie, they share your passion for the great outdoors and strive to provide you with the best camping gear available. We are confident that Outdoor Roadie will provide our customers with outstanding quality and exceptional customer service.

We had a coffee and chat with Outdoor Roadie founder Gary Cheung to discuss briefly who is Outdoor Roadie, what inspires them and their plans for the future.

Who are Outdoor Roadie?

Outdoor Roadie is an online retailer serving the outdoor camping community in the United Kingdom. Our commitment towards quality and relationships forms the bedrock of our brand. Above all, we prioritise our relationships with our customers by providing a real helping hand for outdoor gear that helps those reconnect people with nature. Additionally, we care about our relationships with our featured brands and source only the best brands to provide our customers with quality over quantity.


What inspired you to create Outdoor Roadie?

I believe everyone needs the right amount of time & space to find clarity and rebuild their passion through travel & nature. I started Outdoor Roadie because I finally understood the value of getting away from the day-to-day grind and that was especially true during the pandemic. I believe that we should all appreciate the beautiful nature around us and we should try and protect it at all costs.

I’ve experienced first-hand how amazing it is for your physical well-being and your mental health. That’s why I packed everything up from the corporate world and embarked on this entrepreneurial journey to make a small difference in the world. We’re a small business in the UK so we’re living and breathing through all the ups and downs of it, but we’re here to stay.


What are your hopes for the future with Outdoor Roadie?

We do not want to grow to become the biggest brand in the outdoor camping community but the most trusted brand in the outdoor camping community. If we can really focus on continually serving our customers and creating a community by being truly helpful at every stage of a person’s camping journey then I believe we will be in the perfect place. We want to show up every day and provide our expertise and helping hand and build real connections whether it’s with customers or our favourite brands.

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