Are roof tents safe?

In short, yes! But let’s explore this subject a little further…

The question persists to appear at the top of Google searches: “Are roof tents safe?”. Roof tents for cars not only provide an extraordinary travel experience but are exceptionally safe, making them ideal for holidaying, camping and road trips. Whether you’re cruising on the motorway at speeds of up to 70mph or exploring off-the-beaten-path locations, rooftop tents offer a secure and convenient camping accommodation.

Dispelling concerns: Rooftop tents vs. ground tents

Despite the many benefits of rooftop tents, concerns linger about potential harm to vehicles, luggage, and safety. The reality, however, is quite the opposite. Rooftop tents, often, prove to be safer than their ground counterparts. Let’s delve into the reasons rooftop tents are remarkably safe and address common safety concerns associated with these elevated shelters.

Why are roof tents safe?

Rooftop tents come equipped with features that prioritize safety, ensuring worry-free travel. Here’s why opting for a rooftop tent means you can embark on your adventures without a safety concern:

1 – Structurally strong and lightweight: Roof tents boast robust structural designs. Crafted from premium materials and subjected to rigorous testing, their sturdy aluminium frames contribute to a secure camping experience. Choosing reputable brands and understanding your vehicle’s roof weight capacity are critical considerations.

2 – Installation: Safety begins with meticulous installation. Following manufacturer guidelines precisely and conducting regular inspections ensures your roof tent is firmly mounted on your vehicle. Properly maintained mounting hardware adds an extra layer of safety.

3 – Elevated from the Ground: Being high off the ground is a safety advantage. Rooftop tents offer protection from bugs, beasties, water and cold ground, minimizing the risk of any surprises and ensuring a secure camping experience.

A lady looking out the door of a Compact Series Roof Tent from Tent & Trail on a Land Rover in the New Forest with fern in foreground.
Inside a soft shell roof top tent, showing the internal poles, mattress and pockets.

4 – Weather-proof: Braving UK weather in comfort, a safe roof tent is a weather-resilient one. Top-tier materials, reinforced seams, and waterproof coatings make these tents impervious to UK rain, wind, and even snow, ensuring comfort in diverse environments.

5 – Zippers: Attention to detail matters, especially with zippers and closures. High-quality roof tents feature robust closures that seal effectively, warding off rain, wind, and insects from your cosy sleeping space.

6 – Ventilation: Airflow is for safety and comfort, adequate ventilation is very important for a roof tent to provide a safe comfortable space. Quality roof tents integrate mesh windows and vents, promoting air circulation and minimising condensation for a secure and comfortable sleep.

7 – Ladder: A rooftop tent comes with a convenient ladder for safe entry and exit. This ladder, designed for ease and safety, ensures a secure climb and descent, eliminating the need for precarious scrambling.

Unraveling common concerns

Weight limit awareness: Roof tents come with specified weight limits. Exceeding these limits compromises safety. Understanding your tent’s capacity and distributing weight evenly within are crucial for a secure camping experience.

Vehicle compatibility: Not all vehicles are roof tent-compatible. Evaluate your vehicle’s weight-bearing capacity, roof type, and structure for compatibility. Seek professional guidance if uncertainties arise.

Wind stability: Wind stability is a genuine concern, especially in the UK. Securing guy ropes and additional anchors fortifies stability, reducing vulnerability to strong winds.

Accident and rollover clarifications: Roof tents are crafted with safety in mind, and incidents of accidents or rollovers due to their use are extremely rare. Following the manufacturer installation guidelines and weight limits for roof tents and car roofs significantly mitigates associated risks.

Close-up view of the side of a hard shell aluminium roof tent in a field with a fence behind.


Rooftop tents are not just a novel way to experience the outdoors; they are a safe and secure option for your camping adventures. Dispelling concerns and equipped with features that prioritise safety. Rooftop tents allow you to travel with confidence, embracing the freedom and convenience they bring to your travels.

Prioritise quality, adhere to installation guidelines and stay informed about your tent’s capabilities. By addressing common safety concerns, you can confidently elevate your UK camping adventures. Ready to explore? Browse our range of rooftop tents for your next elevated adventure. Safe travels!

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